Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thank You

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How quickly would you wait to thank someone for a gift? What methods are acceptable?
As you can guess, I'm asking from a personal point of view.
I wouldn't expect a letter in this day and age, but maybe an email or a text, preferably within a day or two. For me 9 days and a FB comment just seems a little less than polite. Still better than no acknowledgement at all, I suppose. Or am I over-reacting because it doesn't matter anymore?


  1. A text or call within couple of days, in my view. We get no response from his son and family, nor a card at christmas, let alone birthdays, not even to his half brothers and sister. My question is, when do you stop giving gifts/cards to the thankless?

    1. I agree, Susan. It does make you feel like not bothering again.

  2. Sometimes it's hard. I gave money to my children for Christmas gifts and got no thank you, but for me it's ok. Maybe it's better to give and expect nothing, that way you'll be surprised when you do receive a thank you!

  3. I like to receive a word of thanks, but don't expect it.I try to thank people - especxially if things were sent through the post, so they know the gift arrived. I think that younger generations have lost the habit of thanking.

  4. Maybe it's not just me. I was also concerned that it may not have been received. A text would have been fine.