Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan


I haven't been reading so much in recent months, but have decided I should prioritise library books over the rubbish TV on offer.
I started this a couple of days ago and the fact I have already finished it suggests it wasn't a particularly difficult read. It's set in 19th Century China and references a culture I know almost nothing about. The descriptions of foot binding are horrific, but confined to the initial act as if the issues weren't there for the rest of the lives of these women. I think I'll find out some more about this subject.
My copy had a different cover to the one above (obviously, I just pinched the picture off A*****n), I notice it says it's been mad into a film. I'll have to watch out for that.
Unfortunately, the time spent reading should have been at the sewing machine, so no progress on string quilt. However, colour scheme for baby quilt is sorted - turquoise, red, a bit of yellow and lots of white. Decision made!


  1. I'm glad to read you have your colors picked out for the baby quilt. Didn't read about your walking. Keep up the good work! I need to read more than I do.

  2. You're so right that there's nothing on TV at the moment! I'll look out for this book - it looks interesting. Jx