Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Red Gingham

Time for a confession - I have a bit of an obsession with red gingham. It started with the purchase of a pair of new red gingham curtains from a charity shop.

Bunting on shelf edges?
They will be put around a work table in my sewing room. I've got a make - over / revamp in mind. There's a lot to be done and it's very much a W.I.P. Meanwhile I've been collecting ideas - these pics are filched from Pinterest, not my work, unfortunately.

Isn't this a lovely cushion?
Red gingham features quite heavily in my design ideas. I had already planned on white / red decorating theme, but now all I see is flippin' red gingham!

Can you have too much bunting?

Whilst looking for ideas, I found it everywhere - all kinds of clothes, homewares and interior design can and is done with red gingham.

I did see one picture on Pinterest of a whole room decorated this way - upholstery, curtains, accessories, the lot.
I know less is more, so I'll have to choose carefully and of course, the driving factor is cost. With the exception of paint (already have this), my purchases are thrifted, home made or presents.

Bought this money box tin in a charity shop a couple of months ago.
When I finish it, I'll post photos and you can tell me if my new sewing room (A.K.A. back bedroom) is fit for purpose or not!
This tin is part of my thrifted collection ready for use in the new room.


  1. Red is my colour for June... so I say go out and find that gingham!! lol x

  2. Red IS my favorite color!! I think a red room is exciting. I don't have a lot of red quilting fabric. I think the gingham is just right!

  3. I, too, have a thing about red fact, anything that is red! Your blog is darling...and, I love that cute little black kitty.
    Have a happy day,