Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fabric Purchases

Do I need anymore fabric? Probably not, but I was short of light colours for my string quilt, so bought 2 metres. Also bought 2 metres of other quilt weight fabric. The check material is a stretchy one, bought with the intention of making PJ bottoms - you can't have too many of these. I don't like buying pyjama sets as I have tons of t-shirts that work perfectly well as a top for sleeping in.
Before you ask - I have never been out in public wearing nightwear (maybe to the wheelie bin).
All bought from Abakhan of course. I occasionally buy online, but you can't beat a trip to and actual real live fabric store.
Abakhan is unusual in that it has lots of bins with different fabrics in and they are priced by the kg. I just head for the craft cottons bins, usually priced at £19.99 a kg. Once you get your head around this being about £6 a metre, it's easy. If you find a big piece of something, they'll cut it for you as long as there is at 1/2 metre left for the next customer.
I haven't been for my walk yet, today, so off out in a minute to clock up some miles. To hit target, I need to do a minimum of 20 miles a week and tomorrow is the 7th. Don't want to fall behind on week one!

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