Monday, 9 September 2013


You know those videos on Youtube where clever people make whole quilt tops in minutes using a jelly roll - like this one?
Well I was given a jelly roll as a freebie at Festival Of Quilts last month, in lovely autumnal colours. I thought I'd give it a go!
They are usually filmed with a clock behind them and the top is completed in 40-60 minutes.
Me - 3 hours. Doh.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Is There Anybody There?

Well despite my blatant lack of blogging, I seem to have hit a minor milestone. I passed 10 000 hits on my little blog. Small fry for most of you, I know - you probably get that in a day! All the same, it feels a bit strange that so many people would read what I have to say - they can't all be trolls and other dodgy types.
Strangely, I've had a  very large amount of hits on one particular post, which I wrote over a year ago - I'm putting that down to spam hunters rather than the very nice bloggers I have contact with.
Unfortunately, not many visitors leave comments ( I know I'm often guilty of this, too), so I don't know how many 'real' readers are out there.
Anyway, if you are 'real' - thanks for reading and if you leave me a comment, I'll nip over to your blog and reciprocate.