Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pay It Forward .........

Firstly a very warm hello to my newest follower, A Vintage Kitten. I'm always flattered that someone takes the time to read my very scant offerings!
Sometime ago Diane at The Cheshire Quilter posted about the Pay-It-Forward idea. This is the original post. It was several months ago, I sent my details to Diane then promptly forgot about it.
Well, true to her word, a parcel arrived!
Lots of lovely things including a card with a cheerful message. There's a large piece of fabric with Russian dolls on - I have just the project for that. The case in the foreground was made by Diane - I know this because she blogged about it recently. You can't tell from the photo, but the stitching is incredibly neat. I very much in awe of Diane's abilities.

So, it was mission accomplished - I was surprised and cheered up and am of course, very grateful. Thanks, Diane.

The next job therefore is to keep it going. Here's how it works - if you'd like a surprise, to be sent sometime in the next 12 months, just leave me a comment.
I'll do this for the first three followers and I'll come back to you for your details.
It could arrive anytime in the next year and I promise not to forget to send it.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Old Quilt, New Home

I've been meaning to post about this quilt for a long time. I ought it quite a while ago from a charity shop in Congleton. It didn't cost much and to be honest, at first glance it looked like it was past it. It smelled a bit damp.
Anyway, a quick go in the washing machine resolved the problems. It is actually quite lovely. I really like it.

The interesting thing about it was the label on the back. It was made by a lady called Anne in 1996, in Congleton. As I know another blogger Diane @ The Cheshire Quilter attends a quilt group in Congleton. I thought I'd ask if she knew this lady. She did!
After Diane passed on my contact details to Anne, I had a lovely email back from her. She says it was one of her early quilts and made as a gift. She was very modest, as the quilt is superb  and I know from Diane that she is an award winning quilter.
I'm really pleased to own it and although it has a hanging sleeve on the back, I prefer to make use of it. It's often on the sofa - that is when it's not in the washing machine (cat hair!).

It will cover a double bed, but I can't get it all on one picture!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Charity Shop Haul

I had quite a productive time. Sometimes visits to charity shops doesn't yield anything worth having.
Not today, though. I've got a new in packaging notebook and pen, a set of three sewing related prints (destined for sewing room wall, aka back bedroom), a patchwork and quilting book - nothing too exciting, but some nice photos and a very good quality white 100% cotton sheet.
Put it on the bed? No, I'll be cutting that into squares tomorrow.
Total spend......err, a fiver.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Rain And Snow

I have a new follower from Earthworms and Marmalade. You are very welcome.
Today has been an awful day for many in the UK. Many are dealing with severe weather conditions and some with flooded homes. It must be dreadful for them. Let's hope they can get back to some kind of normality soon.
A little bit of good music isn't much help, but it might make someone smile

Rain and Snow by The Be Good Tanyas

We haven't had it too bad in the North West - it's cold, miserable and damp, but nothing like elsewhere.
At the risk of sounding a little smug - whilst everyone else is preparing to go back to work, I'm about to start a week off. A whole week; sewing, pottering about; watching day-time TV and other important past times!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Toy

What do you mean, 'What is it?'
It's a USB coffee cup warmer. Plugs into the laptop. keeps those endless cups of coffee hot. Useful when sewing, too, as I often have the laptop open at the same time.
Not a Christmas present as I treated myself - I'm easily pleased!

Had  a bit of trouble taking the (rubbish) picture, as this kept getting in the way. He always has to know what's going on.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Quilter's Diary

A little while ago I went to visit the Quilt Museum in York. The exhibition at the time was 'It's All In The Making'. No photography allowed, unfortunately, so I can't share any pics of the quilts, but there are a few on the website..
As well as being a great exhibition, the museum is also well worth a visit to see the building (well, that statement belongs to the whole of York, really!).

Whilst there, the lure of the museum shop was too big a temptation. Restraint meant I only came away with a 2014 Quilt diary.
I've already started using. My intention is to record all sewing / quilting related ideas and activities in here. I'm also going to track the amount of time I spend doing this, in an idea blatantly stolen from  Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box. Hope she doesn't mind!

The diary has lots of lovely colour photos. I was particularly taken with this one. A small hexie baby quilt in turquoises and reds. Really like this colour way.