Saturday, 2 January 2016

Roll On Monday

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Well today's efforts were a little more productive. I managed to log 3.58 miles, most of it in the rain. I had no choice other than to walk after it had gone dark. This restricts my route as I feel I must avoid  being in certain places, like the park for instance.
When the nights are lighter, it will be more interesting. Spring isn't that far away, is it?
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I'm not wishing the year away, but will be glad when it gets to Monday. I know a lot of people are probably dreading going back to work. I've had enough of not being able to work out what day of the week it is! Not looking forward to the increased traffic, though.
We still have tomorrow and aside from fulfilling my walking goal, I'll be mainly driving a sewing machine.
I've started a string quilt, requiring 72 blocks - I've done 15. Tomorrow's plan is to make a bigger dent in this.


  1. I am so impressed!! Good for you! I am glad you are being safe but try to get out and back before dark. I walked a lot last summer and was thin but Ira too cold here in the winter. Like you I also look forward to spring and I will also walk. Congrats to you!

  2. Keep dry and safex I am sure it must stop raining.... eventually! lol x

  3. Great to see you posting again! All the best for 2016, Jx