Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday Evening Wind Down

Sunday evening feels quite different to the rest of the week. The TV on offer is at a slower pace, you vow to get an early night and probably spent some time getting things ready for the morning.
Starting with getting the washing done and dry. No chance of putting it out on the line at the moment, so it's artistically arranged around a radiator.
I've got a week's worth of work clothes all clean and ready, I know what I'm wearing tomorrow and the packed lunch (leftovers) is safely in a Tupperware box.
My plans for the rest of tonight are a bit of telly, an hour with a book and 8 hours sleep. I can hope.
I have lots to do in the coming week, both at home and at work, but tonight is for relaxation.
Feel free to read this with a smug grin if you are retired.


  1. Hi I remember those type of Sunday evenings well but for me there was always a feeling of dread - I'd had my fill of both working in the public sector and commuting - I took early retirement 15 months ago and since then each Monday morning starts with a feeling of thankfulness that I haven't got the commute or days work to have to do and then the lovely feeling that I have the full week in front of me, for me - we may not have much money but we have enough and we have freedom and that's priceless - so not smug just thankful hope you have a good week and the washing dries soon xx

  2. Thanks, Trudie. I'm in a fortunate position in that I like my job, but there have been jobs in the past that left me with that feeling of dread. x