Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Lakes of Pontchartrain

Well, I've had a busy few days with not one, bur two nights out!
Firstly, I was offered a spare ticket to go and see the excellent Be Good Tanya's at one of Manchester's best venues, Royal Northern College of Music. I've seen them several times before and they didn't disappoint.
My Favourite song !

Next was a theatre trip to see The Accrington Pals at the The Royal Exchange A harrowing tale about the recruitment of most of the men from a small northern town, to fight in WW1. Almost all were killed near The Somme in the space of 10 minutes in June 1916. The play is cleverly told from the perspective of the women left at home. It was funny, sad and thought-provoking.
So, that's my social life done for a while.