Thursday, 16 August 2012


Welcome to my newest followers Hard up Hester and Pauline.
I've just been looking at my stats and seem to have gathered some extra traffic from unlikely sources. At first I couldn't understand why a couple of porn sites would lead people to my little blog. Then it dawned - titling a post Secrets Lies and Videotape might not have been a good move.
So apologies to those poor unfulfilled souls who arrived at my blog to learn about bargain fabric and not what they expected!
Tomorrow I'll be going to Festival Of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham. Really looking forward to this. It's my first visit. If you're going today (opening day), don't tell me anything!

I expect to come back with a few purchases and lots of inspiration.
I've decided to go on the train. When I worked out the cost of fuel, parking and use of the M6 toll (£11 return!), I couldn't justify spending that on a day out.
I have, of course, used the MSE method of ticket splitting. This has reduced the price of my ticket from £80 down to £31. So, if anyone asks, I'm getting off at Stoke, right?

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  1. Hello! I followed the link over from Cherise's blog. How *funny* you figured out the hits over the post title. Nice to meet you! Denise (another Alabamian) :)