Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pay It Forward .........

Firstly a very warm hello to my newest follower, A Vintage Kitten. I'm always flattered that someone takes the time to read my very scant offerings!
Sometime ago Diane at The Cheshire Quilter posted about the Pay-It-Forward idea. This is the original post. It was several months ago, I sent my details to Diane then promptly forgot about it.
Well, true to her word, a parcel arrived!
Lots of lovely things including a card with a cheerful message. There's a large piece of fabric with Russian dolls on - I have just the project for that. The case in the foreground was made by Diane - I know this because she blogged about it recently. You can't tell from the photo, but the stitching is incredibly neat. I very much in awe of Diane's abilities.

So, it was mission accomplished - I was surprised and cheered up and am of course, very grateful. Thanks, Diane.

The next job therefore is to keep it going. Here's how it works - if you'd like a surprise, to be sent sometime in the next 12 months, just leave me a comment.
I'll do this for the first three followers and I'll come back to you for your details.
It could arrive anytime in the next year and I promise not to forget to send it.


  1. so glad you liked your little surprise xx hope you get LOTS of responses xx

  2. What a lovely idea everyone likes to get a little surprise through the post it makes a nice change from just bills:-)

    1. Hi Mitzi, Can't see a way to contact you directly. Email me your name and address to - then sit back and wait for your parcel. :-)