Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stash and Grab

Today has been a reasonably productive day. Amongst other things, I managed to make a decent start on the latest required reading for book club. It's this one.

Over 800 pages to go. Looks like I'll be forgoing telly watching for the rest of the month.
I've also gathered together all (almost) my fabric. For someone who only resumed sewing as a hobby a few months ago, after decades of not doing any, I seem to have amassed an enormous stash.
As I have acquired it by various means -
Recycled and thrifted, pillow cases and duvet covers being my favourite, especially if new
Upcyled clothes in nice bright colours
A job lot from a CS for £10 - lots and lots of fabric here and all I did was ask, think it was someone else's stash passed onto CS by her relatives
Remnants from fabric stores
Bought and paid for, full price, metres and FQ's (not many of these)
This means I can't quite work out the amount of fabric I have, but a guesstimate would be about 25 metres - is that too much? Should I stop buying now?
No, that's not mine. I've borrowed the pic as something to aspire to. My fabric  is folded into random sizes and is three tottering piles.
I also made not one, but two cat beds. One to keep, one to give away. Cost was virtually nothing as the plush fabric on the top came from a piece in a bundle of remnants I bought at Abakhan in Chester last week. The whole bundle (6 fabrics, good size pieces) cost 60p - that's less than a dollar for the non-sterling readers. Yes, really. Add to that a thrifted white pillow cases for the backs and and the wadding from a cot bumper (I'd already used the outside fabric for a baby quilt) and the cost was still pennies.
I did take some pics of today's progress, but gremlins have got into my data cable, so I can't upload my photos. Will update at a later time.
Many thanks and welcome to my new followers, Diane and Judy.

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  1. I have no idea how much fabric I have ... would not even try to work it out... I have a deicate constitution and it might make me ill!! lol x