Sunday, 18 March 2012

I Won!

Can't quite believe it, but I won a Giveaway. I'm so pleased. I'm not usually lucky like this.
This is what I've won.

                                                 From Lisa at The Pipkin House.

She posted details of the win yesterday.Will be waiting anxiously for the post man! This is definately going to be my next project, but I have one quilt that must be finished this week.
Also had another piece of luck by way of my local Freegle group. Someone living locally offered a collection of quilting magazines. I asked, she said yes and a couple of text messages later they were mine. All in excellent condition, some quite recent and some a few years old. Think I'll have to limit myself to one a day or life will come to a standstill.
All in all that makes for a good weekend.


  1. well done you... some reading and dreaming is good xx

  2. Well done - look forward to seeing what you make xx

  3. Isn't it grand to win!! I love it too. After I get moved I'll show you my fabric. Congrats on winning.