Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Free Shopping

No, this isn't a quilt I've made. I had to go shopping anyway, so incorporated a little bit of window shopping into my trip. Is it still window shopping if you go in side store? In Next they had a number of bedding displays which included a quilted throw. The picture above is one of them. It was nice, but could I be persuaded, ever to part with £100 for it - I don't think so. Also, in my (not very experienced) opinion it wasn't finished that well.
There was a point to my trip, though. There were lots of lovely cushions on display. Some very nice designs. Did I buy? Of course not - I took sneaky photos with a view to making them myself.

I really liked this one. Its natural linen with appliqued letters and the 'O' replace with buttons in a heart shape. I have a piece of vintage linen, buttons, a cushion pad, etc. Wouldn't cost me £16 to make.

Then a quick visit to my local fabric shop, a very inexpensive purchase and I have new projects to think about.
Still haven't resolved the problem with uploading photos, but I have almost finished the top for a quilt that is due to go to my friend. Will post evidence soon.


  1. I am sure you could make it better and MUCH cheaper xx and you will love and cherish it because it is your own work xx

  2. Diane is correct. I love makeing quilts and window shopping is a great passtime too! You are a better shopper than me. I went out yesterday and visited a mall here. So many stores and only one with the down comforter I wanted. But pay $350! I can't really make one so will wait for a sale. But I did come home empty handed. More packing to do. Moving out on the 22/23 of this month then it's clean, clean and try to rent our home. I look forward to some of your quilts.