Sunday, 26 February 2012

Make it Yourself

I've read several blog posts, recently extolling the advantages of having a permanent pressing station set up for all those seams which need to be set and pressed.
many people seem to have made their own, so I thought I would have a go.
Take one cut down cupboard door, bought cheaply from the local B&Q (and cut accurately for free).

Next a square off cut of wadding - cost doesn't count, as already had it in stash.

Then a thrifted 100% cotton pillow case, from the local CS. Cost 50p.

Assemble using copious amounts of gaffer tape on the back where it won't be seen. The more handy people use tacks and a hammer. I used what I had.

So, I have an 18" square, padded pressing station, which can stay permanently set up in my sewing room (have stopped saying back bedroom). All for the cost of £2.50. Job done.
However, within 2 minutes of finishing it, another use emerged.

It became an instant cat bed. Bernard was really quite taken with it. After a quick clean up of the cat hairs, it reverted to it's original use.


  1. Bernard is obviously giving it his seal of aproval xx Welcome to my blog ...hope you find somethinng interesting to read amidst the ramblings xx

  2. On the great advice of Diane-crewe I'll join, if you don't mind a yank! Thanks for the tips.

  3. I stole the idea for the pink quilt off the internet!