Sunday, 25 March 2012

Busy Sunday

I'm never too happy when the clocks change. It takes me several days to adjust. So, I was up early this morning, except it wasn't, as it was an hour later than my body clock told me.
First job of the day involved jumping in the car and going to carry out cat feeding duties. Their owners are away for the weekend.
Leon was starting to wonder when  his breakfast would be served.
I've also seriously tackled the quilt I'm making for a friend. All blocks now done and top part way put together. I really want to finish it this week. Then I can get onto a couple of other things that are almost finished. I'm a bit wary of posting pics just yet, as I'm a novice I'm aware it's not perfect.

Yesterday saw me making some good finds in a Congleton charity shop., including this vintage cushion cover.
There's only a small piece of usable fabric, but the combination of dogs, kittens and knitting will be perfect to add to a future project and it only cost 75p. That's just over a dollar, if you're reading this in the US.


  1. That is so pretty - what will you make with it? x

    1. It's not big enough to make an item, so I think I'll use it to add to a quilt.

  2. OOH! I was in Congleton ay a workshop in the scout hut xx Like the fabric xx

  3. You are so sweet to include the us currency. You don't have to but it makes it even better. You are doing well with fabric, congrats to you and thank you.