Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's Arrived!

Fabulous day, today. The Giveaway I won recently arrived in the post. I had to hot foot to the local post office as the package wouldn't fit through my letterbox.
Can't begin to tell you how pleased I was. It's feels all the more exciting because it came all the way from America. Sorry about the subterfuge with the post-it notes. Tinternet security and all that.

The contents were even better than I expected and beautifully packaged. Can't quite believe how much fabric Lisa at The Pipkin House sent me.

Think this one is my favourite, so far.

Can't wait to get started on the quilt - she has sent me the pattern, too, as well as templates for the border pieces. A very generous giveaway, I can't thank her enough.

As well as this piece of good fortune today, I like many others in this country at the moment had to fill up my car with petrol. I was down to driving on fumes. As I use the very useful I headed to my nearest Asda. They had the cheapest petrol today. Too late! By the time I got there, they had run out of fuel and had closed. Not to worry, I went to the next one on the list, same price £1.369. A small queue, but not too bad. The petrol station nearest to Asda had bumped up their prices to £1.449 per litre \ - they didn't have a queue. Blatantly trying to rip off the consumer - hope they lose lots of customers for this outrage.
After the grocery shopping and car filling I went mad, visiting a number of local charity shops and pretty much had a bit of a spending spree.
These are my finds:-
A hand crocheted lap blanket, now repurposed as a cat bed, obviously.

A bag full of cottons - some vintage and on old wooden bobbins.

A vintage Bakelite darning mushroom. Picture doesn't really show the tortoiseshell detail - did I need - well no, but it's lovely.

A  really nice wooden rabbit puzzle box. He's missing his bobtail, but I still like him.

A man's shirt (100% cotton) - fabulous quality and perfect for quilting with and a new zip for a dress I intend to make.

A nice glass jar.
Bought with the intention of doing this-
And finally, a pair of shortened, but new gingham cotton curtains.

wow, that's a lot of stuff. I went a bit mad. The total cost of all this conspicuous consumption - £7.50 (that's about $12, Judy). Told you I like a bargain!


  1. Hello! I found your blog on a 'blog hop' and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have become your latest follower. All the best, Jan

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    2. Thnaks, Jan. Nice to 'meet' you. I can sympathise with the commute, although mine is not quite as long as yours.

  2. I would love to go shopping with you! Love your bargains. Those wooden spools are hard to find here. And your win, really lovely. I can't wait to see what you sew. Thank you for the conversion in money. If I ever get to Europe I will plan on meeting you.

  3. Judy, Lets do that. Get over here and I'll show you where the bargains are! Have made a start on the Aunt Donna Fall quilt. Aiming to finish before autumn. x