Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spreadsheet Overload

How many spreadsheets are too many?

In a vain effort to be organised, I've added to my collection.
I already had the budget one - that's the one where I juggle money available with the amount needed to pay the bills and have a life as well. It's scary, but necessary.
Next I have a sort of monthly meal plan, that takes into account when I need a lunch for work and when I'm going to eat the same thing two nights running. This one is flexible, but helps with planning my shopping list. I do a 'big' shop once a month.
Master shopping list is kept on Mysupermarket and updated and printed off before I hit the supermarket.
Last year I also started using .Listigator for various things - I love a 'To Do List'!
My newest one, however, is very important. I've entered all the UFOs I have as well as planned projects and added start / finish dates and the costs involved.
This is supposed to keep me on track this year.
Today I made the January block for the Bee I'm in. Need to square it up before posting and I'll take a photo in the daylight.

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  1. I wish I could be as organised as you. Well done! Good job my husband has most things organised, I tend to wing it!