Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Something To Look Forward To!

Whilst most people reluctantly dragged themselves into work this morning, having had an extended Christmas break, I was feeling quite different.
It always seems to me that the UK practically comes to a standstill for 2 weeks in December - everything is, 'well it'll be after Christmas, now'.
My world is slightly different in that I was off work on the Bank Holidays, but other than those days, it was nose to the grindstone. However, next week, I have the whole week off, actually 9 days off. Can't wait!
Lots of things planned - probably more than I will have time for,
Aside from the sewing / quilting projects and slapping a bit of paint on a couple of walls, I hope to catch up on some sleep.
The reason for my lack of sleep:-
This is Bernard, possibly the most annoying, attention seeking cat in the world. He's relentless and wakes me up numerous times during the night, usually with a deafening purr. I wouldn't be without him, but I wish he slept more.
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