Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday Sewing

I made the January block for the Bee I belong to. It's to make up a quilt from a tutorial on Fresh Lemons Quilts. I've checked and it is straight!I had quite a few scraps left so whipped up a (very) scrappy mug rug/mat/thingy. I'll pop that in the post as well.
Hope Blogger gets the photo thing fixed soon. Took ages to load these and they had to be 'as is' - editing them was only possible if I didn't want to publish also.
Apologies for the quality.


  1. they look good xx I keep sending messages of complaint at the lenghth of time it is taking to fix ... not sure it is having any effect!! just makes me feel better x

  2. I sure like your square in a square. I want to make one of those one of these days. Your pictures are good, at least you did upload them. I upload my pictures on my phone then edit them on my computer.