Monday, 14 January 2013

On The Straight And Narrow.

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I went to a grammar school, where it was decided that keyboard skills should not be taught, as grammar school girls did not become typists. This was in the olden days, obviously. Instead we had domestic science - not sure that even exists anymore. We did cooking and sewing. The first year we made an apron to wear whilst cooking and the next year we made a skirt. They weren't particularly inspiring lessons and did not promote a life-long love of sewing.
I was given a second hand old and very heavy sewing machine when I was 16. This made me interested in sewing. I made lots of my own clothes, with mixed success. When I started clubbing, it was important to have a different outfit every week and being something of a punk meant I was quite creative(and outrageous), at times.
Later, I became more interested in soft furnishings - making curtains, cushions and duvet covers. I would haunt the now defunct Habitat shop, buying remnants of furnishing fabric.
Sadly life got in the way and I stopped sewing for what turned into decades.
About 15 months ago I treated myself to a rather basic machine and just over a year ago I found my interest in quilting.
My previous experience hasn't stood me in good stead, at all. So, it's been like learning from scratch. The basics, like cutting accurately and sewing in a straight line are still skills to be completely mastered. I'm getting there!
I've found it useful to make small things like the above mug mat - it's good practice. I've done some more today. However, loading more than one photo at the moment is something Blogger still won't help me with!

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  1. I went to a secondary modern , we didn't do typing either. We did do sewing and yes a green gingham apron with red gingham bias binding was our first make, so that we could then use it in cooking. I remember one of my makes was baby doll pyjamas, with French seams, which I wore for many years. Oh! The memories.