Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bees and Blocks

 For my very first quilting bee project, I was sent these lovely fabrics. The instruction was to make a 'Wonky Block'. Also, new to me. I spend so much time trying hard to get my seam allowance consistent and  straight, that to be told to make it wonky was counter -intuitive.

 The parcel also contained a fabulous surprise - a chocolate Bee. It's not a trick photo, it really is quite large. I promised myself I wouldn't eat it until the block was done and in the post!
This was my plan for the fabric I received. I'm fairly confident that I have followed the brief properly.

And this is the finished result. What do you think? Too simplistic? Perhaps a bit amateur looking. The learning curve continues. It is, however, square (honest) and the requisite 12" x 12".

Can't wait to see what the finished quilt looks like - there's only 9 people in the group, so far and we are  all making one 12" square block each, per month, for the next nine months. At the end of that, we should all have a quilt each.

The second block involved using some really lovely fabrics and although the instructions were clear and concise, I didn't find it easy to do.
This is my block cut and ready to sew. Triangles are not my strong 'point'.

And the final result - well I'm going to post the picture so that it acts as as reminder of how much progress I've made, in the future. I'm not pleased with it at all. I just can't seem to master triangles and points. I'm hoping practice is the answer.

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