Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Makes and Deconstruction

Not a working day today, but I've slaved today. My hot stove has been a rotary cutter, the sewing machine and a trawl of the local CS's.
Today's haul:-
2 children's M&S dresses, both 100% cotton
A brand new home made quilt cover in really very good, pristine cotton
A large new set square - to be utilised as a quilting tool

Obviously, the dresses and the cover are destined to become part of my fabric stash. You knew that, though, didn't you - I like a bit of upcycling.
I particularly like the strawberry fabric and have a future project in mind for it to be added to.

It will need a wash , freshen up and a press, but otherwise in excellent condition.

10 minutes later, rotary cutter going full pelt and I had deconstructed the dresses. I've cut into the quilt cover, but the obvious destination for such a large expanse of quality fabric is a as a quilt back (s).
I must have several metres of fabric here - total outlay - £2.50.

I also, made these mug mats. I'm still very slow where my new hobby is concerned, but improving. The mats probably don't warrant very close inspection, but they're not bad. They are destined for new homes and will be posted tomorrow.

I backed the mug mats with a little bit of my quilt cover fabric. Now, if only I could get those corners completely square?


  1. the mug mats look great x good practice ... and we all know what practice make s.. xx

  2. Thanks Diane. I certainly do need the practice - I had to abandon the ones I made on Sunday. These are the improved versions. x