Saturday, 18 August 2012

Money For Nothing

After the excesses of yesterday - a visit to Festival of Quilts, which meant train fare, ticket cost, cups of coffee and fabric, etc, it's time to reign in the spending. It's 13 days to pays to payday. Can I stay away from the cashpoint until then?
I've got a full tank of petrol, bought after checking for the best price, of course.

I've more than enough food and cat food in. Can't have the mogs going hungry.

That's not my cat, but it looks a bit like Tim.

I've menu planned my lunches for work.

This is the money I have left in my purse

How long can I make it last? The only expenses I can envision are milk, a bit more fresh veg and fruit and putting air in the tyres (remembering, of course that Asda has a min. amount of 20p, whilst others have a 50p min.).
So, barring ant disasters, I don't need any more cash and can give the cards a rest. Let's see how I do!

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