Sunday, 12 August 2012

Secrets, Lies and Videotape

If you find yourself  'Up North' at any point (that's UK, of course), make a visit to an  Abakhan Fabric shop.
There's eight stores in this part of the world, plus some in Estonia and Latvia, but that might be too far to travel for bargain fabric.
Obviously they sell online as well, but here's the secret, in the stores they sell these funny rolls of scrap fabric for...................60p each. I know, what a bargain!

Looks odd, doesn't it, but here's what 3 of these rolls turned into. Picked up on my last visit to the Manchester store.

- Pink fluffy fabric, maybe a cushion cover or yet another cat bed
- large piece of oilcloth
- white cotton velvet
- 2 pieces of animal print cotton, 1 large enough to back a cot quilt
- large piece of cream fleece
-  plain white heavy cotton
- some odd pink and blue man-made fabric, don't think I'll find a use for this
- several pieces of usable craft weight cotton

Well worth a visit. The only downside - they put your purchase in a large clear polythene bag, so you look a bit like a homeless person, or someone just out of prison as you walk back to the car!

p.s. I don't have any lies or videotape.


  1. I dont mind the plastic bags xx lol xx My VERY fav is the Mostyn store... just happens to be on the way to Prestatyn and Llandudno... well you HAVE to call on the way past!! x

  2. Haven't tried that one - my haunts being the Manchester and Chester stores. Just spreading the word!