Monday, 10 December 2012

Long Payday Gap Menu

Like a lot of people I will be paid early in December. In my case a whole week earlier than usual. The downside to this, of course is the very long wait to January's salary. It's over 5 weeks, so the  budget needs to be managed carefully. I'm stocked up on a few non-perishable item, but need to replenish the basics. A detailed menu plan is in order. Apart from the addition of milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, I want to buy in everything in one go, to last me until next payday.
Just in case anyone thinks I forgotten that this is  December regarding my menu choices, I have to point out, I'm vegetarian and I don't do Christmas!

Here's what I'm planning for main meals :-

 Shepard's pie (with artificial Shepard's, obviously)
Lentil stew
Macaroni cheese
Cheese and spinach pie
Pasta pesto bake
Veg curry
Beans on toast
Mushroom quiche
Falfel, houmous and pitta
Veggie spaghetti bolognese
Quorn pieces and veg pie

Each one will be eaten 2 or 3 times over the (long) month and I'll cook double portions where possible. Either to have the next night or for lunch at work.
I've put my shopping list into Mysupermarket and they cost it at £62.05. This includes food for lunches, toiletries and cleaning products.
I've used Tesco prices to get the cost, but I know some things are cheaper at Aldi. I drive past a large Tesco on the way home from work and live within walking distance of an Aldi. So, no extra costs for petrol or delivery.
I'm going to allow £100 in total for this budget and will allow for a bit of flexibility, especially if I spot some good end of the day mark downs.
I a;so plan to use up much of what is lurking in the cupboard. So I'll be eating exremely well for less than £20 a week.


  1. well done x I save for this long "pay gap" by buying stamps each week ...with my weekly shop in Morrisons ... you dont notice it and nice to go spend it xx My son has a card from Asda that they add to each month xx

  2. Good idea Diane - forward planning is the answer, I think!