Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ask And You Shall Receive

During my short time in Blogland I've been lucky enough to receive several lovely packages of fabric and related sewing items from other bloggers. I don't know any of these people in the 'real' world and yet they were thoughtful enough to take the time and trouble to search out suitable goodies, pack them and travel to a post office. Not to mention the expense of the postage. How nice is that?
Getting a little parcel in the post is always great and makes a nice change from those envelopes with windows - they're not exciting, at all.
Yesterday, Frugal Mummy asked for some wool or knitting yarn for a project. I have unused wool, albeit odd balls, so I can send some.
I'm thinking this is a kind of pay-it-forward sort of situation and it encompasses the ethos of the type of blogs I like to read. Some are just about crafting, others have a frugal slant, none are about conspicuous comsumption and the commercial activity that we are bombarded with elsewhere. I like that.
If you are in a position to help out another blogger, pop along to and say hello.

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