Sunday, 9 December 2012

Busy Time Ahead

A consequence of my change of job is that I don't have regular working days. Weekends are a distant memory. So, this week for me, my weekend starts tomorrow. I have quite a lot to fit in!
In addition to the usual domestic drudgery, I have some projects planned.
Firstly, when I last saw my Mum, she gave me this booklet which she'd saved from a September issue of The Telegraph. It came with a heavy hint about how much she liked this cushion,
It;s a Cath Kidston design, made from old embroidered table cloths. I've found some suitable embroidered linen, although it's a bit tatty. It cost me a pound from, of course a charity shop.
I'm doing to tackle this and produce my own version. We shall see!
I've also to make up a patchwork owl cushion. All the pieces are cut, from newspaper patterns I made myself. It;s just a case of putting it all together.
If I have the energy left (I don;t work very quickly), I'll cut out the 182 squares I need for a baby play mat.
Progress update tomorrow.

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