Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Game Over....

At the risk of stating the obvious - it's flippin' cold out there!
The solution?
Curtains drawn, PJ's on. Dinner in the oven. Heating on. Heat seeking missiles (cats) fed and settled.
A sofa and a quilt - game over.


  1. Reading this with my own heat seeking missile snuggled against me - 9 year old Lou ! x

    1. Always useful to have a heat seeking missile - whatever the variety! x

  2. Sounds wonderful! My 'heat seeking missile' seems to have chosen this week to have a massive moult. Why wait until the coldest week of the year? Daft animal! Jx

  3. Hi Jan, your daft animal must be warm and cosy to do that! x

  4. Mmn I definitely like the sound of that.I love to get home from work and as soon as tea is over, have a shower and get into my pjs and yes, Marmalade our cat does tend to find my knee pretty quickly but I dont mind that, she's like a hot water bottle!

  5. Sounds like a lot of us are spending the evening on the sofa, in PJ's and providing somewhere warm for a cat/dog/child - obviously a popular pastime! x