Sunday, 6 May 2012

So Much To Learn..........

I've long envied the designs other bloggers manage to create on their pages, but didn't know how to do it. Being a novice blogger, I'm just getting to grips with the basics. My IT knowledge is, at best, scarce - I'm self taught or an autodidact, if you like.
So, today I decided to have a go a creating a better looking blog - will have to tackle content at a later date!
                              This background was my second choice.

I picked Shabby Blogs, as their designs appealed to me the most.
Anyway, I've tidied up a bit and added some things - what do you think?
I like learning new things, but often feel I'm lagging well behind others when it comes to technology.


  1. I find it is just a game of ...having a go... trying to remember the things that work... and forgetting the bits you dont like! Have fun playing xx

  2. I always use shabby blogs, they have great designs :) love the cat widget but not your word verification :o( so difficult to get right I find lol

    1. Oops, didn't realise I had word verification. I find it difficult, too. Will have to change that!