Monday, 7 May 2012

Fencing with Goats

On hearing that a family had been fencing with goats, I popped up to Scotland for visit. Now I didn't really expect Gareth and Gordan Goat to be brandishing an epee and shouting 'on guard', but you never know!

Gareth, Gordan and a random chicken that wandered into shot.

Although they are pets, they don't behave like the cute and cuddly pets I am more used to. They are incredibly strong and predictably, eat everything in sight. The chickens have to have a separate part of the garden or they'd never see any food - good job it's a very large garden.

Gordan contemplating mischief.
The 'fencing with goats' turned out to be Derek carrying out a repair job on their last piece of destruction whilst they looked on.
They are now once again safe and secure in their little part of south-west Scotland.

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