Sunday, 13 May 2012

Never Seconds

I came across this excellent blog, Neverseconds and thought I'd share. The writer is a 9 year girl and she is highlighting the poor quality school meals she gets. They cost £2 per day. As someone who shops carefully, a £2 meal would be an absolute feast for me and nothing like the meagre offerings Veg gets.
It seems the blog has gone viral, rightly so, and I'm happy to add to that.
Just hoping that now the issue has been made public, her parents decide to provide her with a nutritionally balance packed lunch.

As an aside to this, I'm currently in dispute with my brother regarding what to call our different meals. I'm sticking to my guns :- I have my dinner in the middle of the day, tea when I get home from work and supper is for greedy people to eat whilst watching the 10 o'clock news. Anyone think differently?


  1. sounds about right for the meal times to me xx

  2. An interesting dilemma - traditionally (only know this from my student days and summers spent doing silver-service waitressing)lunch is served at noon (or there-abouts). Dinner is the evening meal, but can only be called dinner if there is a fish course along with the starter, main and pudding, if not it is supper. Tea is served mid-afternoon - sandwiches, cakes, tea unless it is slightly more substantial for children, then it is high-tea. So probably no-one eats dinner much now!!! lol. So, pudding or desert? x

  3. Breakfast, lunch, tea, supper is the usual terminology in this house. And pudding for afters.
    But if we are invited to friends or they come to us for an evening meal then that is called dinner, and we eat dessert!

    Do you use serviettes or napkins?