Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Charm Pack For Free

My very kind friend picked up this pile of  home-made cushion covers from a charity shop. She bought them entirely with me in mind (she's a knitter, not a quilter).

They're all what I would call old fashioned patterns - very sort of chintzy and definitely not my taste as cushion covers. However, made up into a quilt, well that's something else completely.

First job on list:-

remove cat from pile of fabric. They just can't resist, can they?

Next, with the aid of these, I unpicked seams, salvaged the zips for as yet unknown use, straightened up the edges and made .......
There's 40 squares there. Although they aren't stacked too neatly, I promise they are square.
Five different fabrics, similar theme, ready for use in the future.
Cost - er. nowt., nothing, free.  With thanks to my friend x


  1. Brilliant - I just paid a lot for some charm packs xx

  2. well done x now to see what you make with them xx