Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A no spending day - sort of

Funny Pictures of Fuel Gauge With Dollar Amounts

Today has been a busy day. I'd arranged to meet a friend, had an appointment and had lots of things to catch up on. Despite being out and about most of the day, plus some shopping with said friend, I didn't spend any money. The fridge is full, more than enough food in to last at least the next couple of weeks. I don't need anything. So, purse not opened once all day. Great stuff.
That is until, on the way home, the dreaded fuel light came on in the car. You might consider this bad planning on my part, but I knew I needed petrol. However, as I'll be out early tomorrow morning and passing the petrol station on way to motorway, it made sense to wait until Thursday to fill up the car. Best laid plans and all that. Nearly didn't get home and that light mocked me all the way.

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