Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you walk for £2? A 5 minute walk? 10 minute walk? Further?
What if it was to save £2.
I have a walk of around 1/2 a mile to work in order to save the £2 parking charge in the car park a minute from work.
It's only £2, right? Does that make me mean?
£2 a day, £10 a week, over £40 a month. It soon mounts up. I'll hang on to the cash and walk a little further.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you - that £2 soon mounts up, you could put £2 a day in a money box instead and treat yourself every so often or buy something you really need! Plus 1/2 a mile isn't far and it's good exercise!

    I just came by to say thanks for your comment about my rosacea! I've had a unexpected response and people I've never encountered in 'blogland' before are springing up and leaving comments though I don't know how they found me! I've had a couple of responses from others who experienced similar which makes me feel a bit better as before I've never known anyone with anything like this. I wouldn't mind people making comments or staring if they stopped me and jsut asked what was wrong with my nose, but it's the laughter and ignorance that gets to me as I was raised to not stare, to be polite and think of other people's feelings! Some days I can go out and not give a damn what other people do or say, but often it's just another day where I come home feeling crap because of someone's comment or something.