Sunday, 29 January 2012

*Free Entertainment

I quite often hear people say, 'there's nothing on telly' or usually a more 'aggressive' version of this sentiment! I've even said it myself. It's true that TV doesn't have the same pull as it did in say, the 70's, when the majority of the country watched the same programme on a Saturday night. Not only were there up to 20 million people watching the same programme, but it was at the same time (no iplayer) and families sat together in the same room with just the one household television.
Those days are long gone, but you would think that greater choice was a good thing. Unfortunately, the reality is that it is difficult to find something actually worth viewing. Standards are definitely lower.
The same can't be said for radio. Certainly in this country, we have access to lots of interesting and diverse offerings. Everyone knows that BBC radio 4 is special. Lots to learn and entertain, some laughs and even subjects to make you mad on occasion.
I flit from one station to another constantly, listen to usually four on a regular basis. My favourite 'at home' one is BBC 6 Music. Today I have spent a very pleasant couple of hours listening to this Leonard Cohen interview.

What could be better - a quiet Sunday afternoon, a bit of sewing, cup of coffee and Leonard Cohen's voice in the background. Marvellous!

* Free if you have access to a DAB radio.

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