Monday, 2 January 2012

The begining of the year is about resolutions for a lot of people. I don't really want to say I've made any resolutions as it is unlikely I'll stick to them. However, my desire to change some things this year will almost certainly look llike a New Year Resolution.
The first thing I want to tackle is my food budget. In recent months, I allowed myself around £120 a month for grocery shopping, but didn't really keep track of it.
Last month I kept every receipt from every transaction and whilst the food bill was under control, other spending was not.
This year I'm aiming for £60 per month to cover all food, toiletries and cleaning products, but not including the pet food.
I know this sounds a bit stark, but having trawled here I discovered I can actually eat quite well with a little bit of planning. I've costed up three meals a day and given a lot of thought to nutrional content.
This site was very helpful in checking my findings - took all the hard work out of it.
My latest shopping list shows T*sco as the cheapest place for me:-

Checkout 1 store from T*sco £59.73
This is all meals for a month, but I won't buy it all in one go. I don't pay for home delivery, as I'll go when I have a trip to make anyway and I'll stick completely to the list.

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