Sunday, 2 September 2012

WIP on a BH

Firstly, a warm welcome to my newest follows Alice and Florence and Allison at A Messy House is a Sign Of a Happy Quilter.
My Bank Holiday was relatively productive. I've cut out the basic squares, ready to be made up into blocks. Four blocks completed.
I'm making a quilt for the end of my bed, in pink. I gathered together every last bit of pink fabric I could find in my stash. Hoping I have enough contrast.
After all that slaving over a rotary cutter, I decided to make a quick shopping bag, using up some scrap curtain material I was given.

Of course, it wasn't quick - it took all afternoon. I probably went a bit over the top, as well. Did it really need the front quilting? I lined it with a vintage pillow case, bought know where.
Still it is a good size and has been utilised all in transporting my library books, lunch and shopping. Good job I made it nice and sturdy.
 Been busy during the week, mainly with that work thing, so no sewing done. However, I've managed a bit today.
I've been tasked with making a quilt for a male family member. As he has a connection with the aviation industry, I had the very original thought that I would make aeroplane blocks (never, never say planes, it's aeroplanes!).
I searched t'internet for some ideas and from that made my own pattern, sort of.
I've made this practice block, today out of scrap fabric. As you can see, the tail piece isn't prominent enough. My measurements were a bit out as, squared up it's only about 11 1/2" - I wanted 12" square.
I've only used two fabrics and obviously, they need to have a greater contrast.
So, clever quilters out there -
Should I use more than two fabrics?
Should I make the whole quilt out of these blocks or intersperse with another design?
Any good ideas out there.
Right off to re-do my dodgy measurement for the pattern.

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  1. Thank you for your welcome comments.
    Good luck with your airplane quilt blocks!