Thursday, 6 September 2012

Win - Win

I don't enter that many giveaways, honest. When I do, it's only if I actually want what's on offer. There's always lots of lovely things out there, but they are not always for me.
Well, not only have I won something, again, but it's from Alabama, USA, again.
This time I've won The Leap Year Traveling Stash Box

I am beyond excited!
The premise was a new one on me, but the explanation can be found on Cherise's Blog (who is also my newest follower - Hello! )
I look forward to getting this, but also have the dauting task of replacing what I take with suitable items. My initial thoughts are that, as it's the first time it's been out of the US, I should add something with an English twist - any ideas?
Anyway, it will be my turn to offer it as a s giveaway at the end of the month, (on the 29th, obviously) so watch this space!
Big, big thanks to Julia at Green Quilts for organising this.


  1. I thought the stash boxes were 'only usa' and active bloggers ruling? A box that size and weight cost a huge sum to mail out of the states, plus there could be customs fees - been there done that.

  2. What about one of those little DMC cross stitch kits with a very 'English' design [a tudor rose, a castle...]
    Definitely something Union Jack/Jubilee related
    A 100% teatowel printed with British scenes - always good for crafting.
    Some Liberty print fabric.

    I have never seen a travelling giveaway like this before. But share the concerns about postal costs!

    have fun - blessings xx

    1. Thanks Angela, some great ideas there. Julia seems OK with it coming to the UK and I'll grin and bear the cost when it's my turn to pass on!

  3. Thanks for the follow, Daisy! I'll be watching for this particular stash to go back up on the block!! :)