Monday, 23 July 2012

Woolly Things

I took these pictures a while ago.

It depicts an example of the yarn bombing going on in Crewe, UK.
Diane,  The Cheshire Quilter has already posted about this, but I thought I'd show this particular tree as it's one on it's own - behind Asda's car park, if you're visiting.
It's obviously a very large tree and subsequently, a lot of work has gone into this particular Yarn Bomb. I stood for quite a while looking at all the different pieces.
Unfortunately, some of the others in the main square have been damaged / vandalised, but this one is a little tucked away, so hasn't had the same attention.
I think it looks great.
This also signifies the end of my relationship with the town of Crewe - my secondment there has come to an end, so I'm now working in Congleton ( just up the road). Still got a fair old commute, though.

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  1. This is so absolutely mad and wonderful at the same time. I'm loving it!