Friday, 6 February 2015

Waving Not Drowning

........With apologies to Stevie Smith. I hadn't added to this blog in a long while.
When I started it I had just left a job that I thought I would stay in until retirement, That wasn't to be. Whilst I only had to deal with unemployment for around two weeks, I found it difficult to settle. Subsequently, I've had four jobs in 2 1/2 years - not good. Until recently, my only gain had been weight.
It has taken all this time for me to get over the shock of losing something which was an intrinsic part of my life for so long, but thankfully I think I have. A few months ago I found the perfect position, so feel very hopeful about the future.

A lot has happened in the last couple of years - quite a lot of it bad stuff, from bereavements to a financial crisis to a mind numbingly boring and badly paid job to finding out who your real friends are (fewer than before) to an accident that left me housebound for nine weeks.

Not everything is perfect (if anything), but I think about the future a little more optimistically!

In blog land there is a tendency to post shiny, lovely things. I haven't been shiny or lovely in a long time, but attempted to focus on the positive stuff. I do, however have an all-singing, all-dancing shiny new sewing machine*, courtesy of my other half. Very pleased with it.

* Relative to what I had before - that one cost £15 second hand (and the one before), this one was hundreds and new. I know the sky's the limit, but for me, there was a cut off point.


  1. Hope your new found mono continues. Keep smiling

  2. I get what you are saying about the shiny happy blogs, mine wasn't tho now things are better, so it might get shined up a bit. Thank you for your support btw. I have sewing machine envy, mine is from argos (chuckle) and i thought didn't work but then i didn't realise that you had to change needles (#derrr) - haven't done that yet ahem.
    Best of love to you
    Susan x

    1. Thanks Susan. Glad to hear things are improving for you too. I find I'm less inclined to worry about non-shiney things if I'm sat at my machine - has to beat any alternatives!

  3. some times we get knocked off our feet.. and we need that to make us realise just what we DO want ... so glad you have found you r way out and know what is RIGHT for you x... love your shiny lovely machine x