Thursday, 5 February 2015

GBSB Tonight

It's that time of year again - The  3rd series of The Great British Sewing Bee starts tonight. Very much looking forward to this!

I'm hoping that I'll be inspired to have a go at sewing clothes again. When I was much (much) younger, I made most of my 'going out' clothes. This was necessary being a sort of glam punk ( spent a lot of money on hairspray and garish make-up).
Now my tastes are much more conservative, but it would be nice to make well fitting items without spending a fortune.
I think I need (well, want) to buy one of these!

A fast approaching birthday might be the solution. Wonder if Himself is feeling generous????

I have a baby quilt on the go at the moment - top finished, so I must press it and take a picture.
I used a Moda Folklore charm pack with some white and a bit of an orange Katie Spain fabric. The colours are much better than this image. Definitely a lot of orange going on.


  1. Hi there, looking forward to Claude and the gang (fell in love with Paul last year). As a 4' 10" 14/16 short waist/short neck/narrow shoulders/big boobs/smallish waist/big bum/huge thighs/short arms n legs/size 2 feet kinda person I should make my own clothes.In another life I would. In another life I would be slimmer and be classed as "petite" (even though petite is 1 inch taller these days lol). Are you old enough to remember the inbetween sizes back in the 60s/70s - 13, 15, 17 etc. Well my daughter is a 9 and I am a 15. The shops hate me. But now I am over 50 I now longer care about fashion and man is that great! truly.

  2. Yes, unfortunately old enough to not only remember those inbetween sizes, I sold them as well. I used to work for Falmer Jeans - size 13 was the most popular!