Sunday, 7 July 2013

Another Try?

Despite the long absence, I would still like to maintain a blog - so another try. The past few months have been fraught with all kinds of stress and drama - I think the generic term is 'life', but that's no excuse is it?
I'm on a little money making mission at the moment. I've got a few things on eBay, with lots more to put on.

Stock pic, not my actual phone

No pics, as I've been without the necessary technology to take photos for a few days - phone, accident, broken, extra expense; you get the idea.
I have made a few things and have a number of WIP's that there is a good chance of me finishing soon!

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  1. It is wonderful to read your blog again. I recently disolved my SewBlinkey blog. As you said life hapoens. I am into chickens, gardening, and family. I am sorry about your stress. Do not hesitate if you just want to write and "chat". I have a new blog but again, haven't posted for over a month. If you are interested its But there is not much sewing going on. Just lots of other things. Please feel free to write me at