Saturday, 16 June 2012

To Advertise or Not?

Firstly, a quick hello and welcome to my newest followers   ; Emma from The Log Cabin and Carole from The Smiling Cat.
Secondly, an update on my post from yesterday. At the time of writing Martha's blog had had over 5 million hits, the decision about not taking photographs has been scrapped and her Just Giving page has raised over £68 000 for her charity. This has to show the Internet at it's best. Well done to all those people who responded.
I have been pondering recently, the pros and cons of adding advertising to a blog. I find it's not a clear cut opinion to form. Some of the blogs I read are adamant that they are and will remain advert free, other have adverts, but no pressure to click on anything and yet others are right out there with full-on promotion of their sponsors.
I find that I am irritated by adverts on some blogs, but don't mind it on others.
For now I will remain advert-free. Not least, because I can't believe that I'll have enough readers to make it worthwhile monetising it.
We shall wait and see......


  1. Hi DaisyChain-Thanks so for mentioning my new blog, The Smiling Cat. It's very kind of you! I agree with you that the adverts on some blogs can be very demanding & irritating. I don't think there's anything wrong with adverts as long as it's not over done.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog , I'm off to look at your pinterest boards