Friday, 20 April 2012

Vintage Fabric

Bit of a long shot, but I thought I'd ask sewing and quilting experts out there, if any of you know anything about this fabric?

The selvedge adge says it's an M.R.H. design 'Artichoke', screen printed in England 1988

The design doesn't look much like artichokes to me, but what do I know? It's lovely shades of pink and brown and feels like it's a really good quality fabric. I've got quite a lot of it, maybe around 4 metres - not measured it yet. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but it was too good to not grab on sight. It's in pristine condition, despite the 1988 date stamp. Needless to say, I got it from a charity shop and didn't pay very much, at all. Not bragging, as has been suggested elsewhere, as I paid the asking price fair and square, but it was a real bargain.
If anyone has heard of M.H.R. fabrics, let me know.


  1. cant say that I have heard of them... hgowever, if its good ...pick it up and .....RUN!!!! x lol xx

  2. I like the pattern. I'd sure have bought it! I don't go out to get fabric much. Watsonville, CA. is where I used to live. It's between Santa Cruz and Monterey/Carmel. In between these towns there's a little town called Castroville, it's nickname "Artichoke Capital of the World!" They grow artichokes. The fabric is pretty even if it's not an artichoke!