Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Internet Tutorials

After reading about quilting and tutorials, on another blog -the excellent Frugal Queen, I was interested the watch the one she suggested.
However for me the best tutorials on Youtube are from The Missouri Star Quilt Company who I think had 118 videos on there at the last count. The enthusiasm from shop owner Jenny Doan,  is infectious and the music at the beginning quite hypnotic. they are well filmed, showing close up shots when needed and offer very clear instructions. I recommend them to all novice quilters.

The other set of tutorials I really like are from a UK based quilter - the very informative Rose Smith at Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Rose has 41 videos on Youtube. She also runs an online store for quilting supplies via her website - ludlowquiltandsew. Reasonable prices, free patterns and excellent tutorials. Oh and watch out for the inquisitive doggy in the background on the videos!

                                              LUDLOW QUILT AND SEW

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